spgame October 2006 News

The spgame project, or Space-Planets, is new to sourceforge! We are an open source real time strategy game set in space. The goal of the spgame project is to provide an open source real time strategy browser game that will scale effectively and be enjoyable to modify and hack on as one pleases. We would like this software to work on a user's personal page with only 30 people playing, or a large site with thousands of players. A player of the game will be trying to outclass members of their galaxy in terms of planetside development, scheduling the construction of buildings, units, exploration, and attacks on other planets. The idea behind spgame is to provide a fun game for its viewers to play, and 'be their own administrator' if they would like, by downloading the code and installing it on their web service.

Late september saw us designing the database structure and a limited user interface. We determined what sort of buildings and units we wanted to allow a player to build, and created session support. If you are a developer you would most likely enjoy looking at our project test server.

Space Planets Graphics

We are interested in adding spacescape graphics to our game. Feel free to post to our sourceforge project forum about what sort of images we should be designing, or if you would like to design images for the spgame project.

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